Cabinet de Conseil en Expertise retraite
& Gestion Privée de l’Expatrié

Retirement scheme expertise
& Private Banking consultancy for Expatriates



Working abroad, but what about your retirement: will she be in France ?

You are 2 million French living abroad, that number is expected to double by 2022 and 75% of expatriates do not anticipate retirement. You will then be faced with the validation of your business quarters outside France. Prepare, Plan retirement and the protection of family heritage is Primordial, right from the start for expatriation and at any time during the career abroad.

More and more French employees or not, are choosing an international career. For a French or foreign company or for your own account (business leaders, professionals, artisan or merchant), the French expatriate will face the question of the inclusion of the quarters in determining its future retirement.

Whichever you choose to return to France or not, every career is unusual, which is why it is essential to take stock of your career so check your quarters acquired and to verify the accuracy of your readings and career relevance to contribute or not to a voluntary insurance. Trace the career of a French expatriate requires careful research and energy requires time and resources, estimated between 6 and 8 months. House pregevole-1968 provides this service, with a precise layout of your audited retirement.

Maison-Pregevole-1968 specializes in advising individuals, officers, employees and self-employed living abroad and assists companies and their HR anxious to bring their expatriates or seconded employees, the help and support they need decision to go abroad and their decision to return to France or retirement.


Maison Pregevole-1968 launched in response to growing customer demand for expatriates over the last decade .

‣ Managers and HR need to support all aspects of the start to a successful experience.
‣ Employees, international executives , spouses who follow in expatriation : all wonder about their heritage and become tax on preparing for retirement.

Maison Pregevole-1968 combines the Council of skills Financial Investments, Board Wealth Management , Insurance broker and real estate agent.

We support :

‣ Companies who emigrate to enrich the expatriation package and remove the obstacles out.

‣ French expatriates in all legal and financial aspects of the management of their global heritage and social protection.

Sylvie Pregevols, the founder, has over 20 years of experience in consulting Wealth Management , mainly dedicated to customer non-residents and expatriates .

Graduate of a Specialized Master in Engineering and International Wealth Management , his career took place in banking and private banking .

She's surrounded by pension experts, estate planners , lawyers and notaries .

Maison Pregevole-1968 is a registred member of Serenalis, a french group of Independent Financial Advisers accompanying development Cabinets respecting their independence.

Expertise in Retirement

Maison Pregevole-1968 covers all the themes of heritage and fiscal status of the expatriate

The Expatriate: Heritage & Retirement

Our experts in estate and retirement strategy piloting complex cases , both in France and abroad.

The compagny allows each year to expatriates to Europe, North America and overseas territories to anticipate decisions in the best conditions.

Expertise Skills

Prior to departure, during and before expatriation return Maison Pregevole - 1968 helps individuals and companies to anticipate, choose and implement devices that preserve :

The Family


Wills Provisions

Spouse'Civil Protection

Family and Personal Savings

Life Insurance


Realestate enjoyments

Home Residence

Second Home

Social Protection

Retreat Balance

Pension Saving

Individual Cover

Dependent Care Insurance

Real Estate Investment

Furnished Property


Tax exempted

France & Abroad

Succession / Transmission



Business Transfer

Tax Optimisation


Marital and Family Status

State of Heritage

The Audit



Patrimonial Family Strategy, Budgetary, Fiscal, Social

Pension Saving

Financial Investments

Real Estate Investments

Devices Choice


Relationships with pension and provident

Unemployment Insurance

Networking with Lawyers, Notaries, Accountants

Some Numbers Expatriate ?

A Specific Custom Benefit/p>

The first metting

An interview, visually or by phone, in accordance with the professional secrecy to which we are bound.

It takes place in our local representative or your company . Contact us by email(contact@maisonpregevole1968) for a first date information at no cost and without obligation.

We adapt to your situation possible geographical remoteness :

‣ We meet expats "in situ " abroad during trips planned for the year and conference debates we co- organize . You can register online on this site at the contact section

‣ If you are back in France for a specific period , we meet you in Paris or Lyon.

Accompanying Formulas

Heritage Balance

Full audit situation

Writing findings and strategy

Validation of the strategy and implementation of solutions

Retirement balance

Reconstruction of career

Pensions Estimate

Estmimate of start scenarios and impacts on pension

The cost of our services

The rates of our heritage and retirement balances are calculated on a flat-fee . Depending on the complexity of your wealth and your career , these packages will be tailored to your situation .
An estimate of the overall cost of your case is in any case carried out at the time of the engagement letter of surrender .

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